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APPEAL PUF ø45x50 cm

APPEAL PUF ø45x50 cm

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Durable appeal series

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Appeal is the name of our series from the Skriver Collection, which with its coarse weaving and durable material appeals to the quality conscious consumers. The Appeal series consists of a puff and two different sized pillows. The common denominator of the products is their coarse woven structure, which provides durable quality products. Beanbag is a pouf that, with its strap and light weight, is easy to fit around. The puff thus creates a dynamic device where it can be used in several contexts. Particularly characteristic of the colors of the Appeal series are the muted and Nordic-inspired tones of color; blue, coral, yellow, gray and black and white. From the very beginning, high quality has been an essential part of the Skriver Collection brand, and the Appeal series is no exception. 

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