Nanna Ditzel is the biggest female Danish designer of the 20th century. 

Nanna Ditzel combined a solid artisanal approach with artistic and cultural inspiration. Thereby she created unique and universal design icons. When you experience Nanna Ditzel’s design and sense the connection between craftsmanship and inspiration, you understand, that the new does not occur when you headless repeat the well-known, but when you are curious let yourself inspire to challenge the existing from diverse and surprising sources. 

Nanna Ditzel would have turned 100 years old in 2023 of this collection will be the most extensive collection about her to date. It is the story of how you can unfold and develop if you are in touch with the inspiration that art, culture, nature, and everyday life offer.

It is with pride and joy, that Skriver Collections presents ‘Nanna Ditzel’ throws, almost 65 years after the world-famous Dane created the gorgeous designs. With Nanna Ditzel throws from Skriver Collection there will be for colorful, beautiful, soft cozy moments in the home. Nanna Ditzel's amazing ability to combine beautiful colors in timeless design is seen in these throws, which add a very special style to every home.

The throws are available in the size 140x190 cm in three beautiful color combinations. 

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