Skriver Collection’s design mats is a series of mats for practical use. 

Our designmats is designed for traffic areas, where performance and durability combine with a personal and unique design.

More about nice doormats and design mats

One of the first things we notice when we visit a home for the very first time is the doormat. It’s usually placed in front of the front door or is the first thing you step on when you’re welcomed into a new home and gives a quick impression of, who is living in the home. 

Designmats gives a lift to the room, and the neutral and downtoned colors fit into almost every home. Colors and design is carefully selected after the current trend in interior design. All of our designmats is of very high quality. 

All Skriver Collection’s mats is made of recycled nylon and has a PVC free rubberbacking. 

Designmats: functionality and design: First and foremost is a doormat of course created with focus on its functionality, which ensures that dirty and wet footwear no longer enters the other rooms of the home. But this small and often quite overlooked detail in the home, a design mat, can help create a highly decorative element for your interior. On this page, you can find a large selection of beautiful door mats and design mats in many different price ranges and designs that can reflect your personal style, and offer your guests a warm welcome in your home, but common to all our design mats is that you quality for your money.

Exclusive design mats: At Skriver Collection you have the opportunity to add an element of exclusivity and delicious design to your home with design mats.

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