Baby Alpaca
Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca

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Baby Alpaca is the finest of the four alpaca sorts, the quality is determined by how thin and fine the individual fiber is, which means that this has nothing to with the animal’s age. The fibers are carefully sorted after cutting and only the finest are named premium. Premium alpacas have an almost silky fur which have a beautiful gloss to it. All these factors plays a huge role, in order to create the exclusive BABY ALPACA cushion. 

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  • GREY
  • Light Grey
  • Royal Blue
  • Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Herringbone


The Baby Alpaca cushions by Skriver Collection, is a series of unique cushions with 100% baby alpaca lama wool from Peru. The cushions are sewed in Denmark. 


Design: Skriver Collection.

Measurement: 40x40 cm

Material: 100% Alpaca wool.

Cleaning: Can we washed with 30 degrees

Delivery Time: 2-3 days, (If in backorder, up to 3 weeks.)

Product Details

100% Alpaca Uld
Can bewashed at 30 degrees

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